Internship Post #4 – Teamwork

#8 Professional Practice: 8.1 Participating in a Professional Community. Relationships with colleagues are characterized by mutual support and cooperation. This means that being a successful teacher is about more than just teaching kids. You have to be able to communicate and work well with the other teachers on your staff, especially the teachers in your department. Teachers need to work as a team, cooperating and supporting each other with items like curriculum, planning, students and parent communication.

In a physical education setting, this is especially true. In secondary schools, physical education teachers share the gyms, fields, courts, offices and locker rooms. If the teachers don’t cooperate and communicate with each other than this will cause all sorts of issues with class logistics and management and the student’s learning will suffer. There needs to be a set plan in place for the location of each teacher’s class and a plan for what equipment is being used by each different teacher, so there is no wasted instruction time.

In my student teaching, it was imperative that I developed good relationships and communication with the other two physical education teachers. One of the teachers only worked for two periods at the end of the day and the other teacher was very disorganized and did very little lesson planning. I also shared a small office with these two teachers. I was able to overcome any potential issues by being courteous, supportive and friendly. I went out of my way each day to talk with both teachers and I was able to develop a good relationship with both of them, which helped pave the way to a successful work environment. I was also able to learn several new effective teacher practices from these two teachers. If a team is effective, then people learn from each other. They accomplish far more than would be possible alone. They inspire and challenge each other (Aguilar, 2012).

In my first teaching job, one of the first things I will do is to try and build good relationships with the teachers that I work with and not isolate myself. I will learn about their communication styles, find ways to effectively communicate and plan with them, and go out of my way to be friendly, courteous and respectful.


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