EDU 6130 Learning Environment

Managing Classroom Procedures

The focus of my reflection is on category five of the IPC Learning Environment, specifically on the components of managing classroom procedures. The goal of these components is for teachers to establish an organized, structured classroom environment that encourages students to take responsibility for many aspects of their own learning.

In my Classroom Management class we learned the importance of procedures to establish an organized, structured classroom environment. Effective teachers implement a systematic approach toward classroom management with procedures at the beginning of the school year (Wong, 2009, p. 167).

In a physical education setting, the most important time to manage classroom procedures is at the beginning of the school year. It is essential to establish these non-instructional procedures immediately, so the students know the exact routines to ensure maximum class time efficiency. In my observations at Pine Lake Middle School, the entire first week was dedicated to class procedures, including:

  • Expectations, guidelines and safety rules. The teacher reviews these thoroughly with the students and has them bring home a form to review with their parents, sign and turn back in.
  • Locker room. This includes uniform policy, behavior rules and locker room in and out times so the students know they are responsible for the times they enter and leave the locker room.
  • Squad lines. The students line up in the same spot every day to ensure there is enough spacing between students for correct and safe warm-ups. The teacher also sets up the squad lines in alphabetical order to maximize roll taking efficiency.
  • Warm-ups. The students all know they have to start the warm-ups at a set time. The teacher could come a few minutes late and the students are already in their squad lines doing warm ups.

Squad line

All of these procedures give the students shared control of certain aspects of their learning. This helps maximize the efficiency of the frequent transitions in a physical education setting and helps ensure a positive, well-managed class environment.

My next step is to continue researching and talking to current teachers about effective classroom management techniques for physical education fitness activities.


Wong, K. and Wong, R. (2009), The First Days of School. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong


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